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Linter (RelX Embedded) powers Kenwood's new car AV navigation system
"HDD[Smá:t]Navi Emotional Sound" HDV-990 and HDV-790
Full featured RDBMS*1 enables high-performance and a variety of music search
for more pleasant car entertainment scene
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 6, 2007

Brycen Corporation announced today that its Linter (RelX Embedded), a feature-rich RDBMS for embedded system, is adopted in two models of Kenwood's "HDD[Smá:t]Navi Emotional Sound" system HDV-990and HDV-790. It is the world-first case of truly client-server RDBMS's deployment in car navigation devices in the market.

As well as user-friendly operability, HDD[Smá:t]Navi Emotional Sound HDV-990 and HDV-790, the Kenwood's latest car audio-visual navigation, have interface with digital audio player and USB flash memory that enables music transfer into the internal HDD at ultra-fast transfer rate and playback in few seconds. Users of HDD[Smá:t]Navi Emotional Sound can enjoy advanced entertainment services such as mobile TV broadcasting (HDV-990) and high-quality sound reproducing features based on Kenwood's original technology.

Linter (Relx Embedded) is deployed for supporting these advanced entertainment features like music list display and searching music track from huge amount of files in HDD. Its quality and performance were intensively tested and highly evaluated.

Japan's car navigation in recent years tends to focus on being equipped with various functions such as high-quality sound on the road, interfacing to portable media players, audio-visual media player features etc. Linter (Relx Embedded) plays an important role in achieving multifunction as well as high-performance operation of enormous amounts of data by providing its intelligent data management technology for compact sized "embedded" devices.

Having featured in mobile phones, audio systems, parking systems and several other embedded systems, Linter (Relx Embedded) is a globally advanced data management system meeting the needs of customers. Brycen and RelexUS continue their innovation to contribute to the development of consumer products that offer more comfortable daily lives.

(*1) RDBMS: Relational Database Management System
* The Kenwood "HDV-990,HDV-790" is currently available only in Japanese market.
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